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So, a few thoughts about what you said.

First, I'm glad someone else mentioned the egregious imbalance between Assassin and Powertech 2 piece tank bonuses: it's bad. On top of this, you're right: it's kinda boring. I like that it's steady, but it's not very noticeable, and I'd like something I can notice.

Second, I have a small issue with the 4 piece on principle (and the recently brought up fact that it's nigh useless on previous content). I really do feel like it should be possible to hold aggro without taunts unless mechanics require it.

Third, that's a beautiful idea for Dark Ward. I feel like they should alter Dark Ward to just not have stacks any more, which would make us less painful in trash pulls without significantly altering the playstyle, but your solution is more elegant. I think, if they want it to be noticeable, that they might need to up that 20% chance, or make it on incoming attacks, rather than on successfully shielded attacks. That in addition to upping the max stacks on Dark Bulwark, to further reinforce the idea that you should be delaying Dark Ward until you can't any more. Maybe even adding an extra 2 stacks if you refresh the buff in a 1 second window around its previous end time (basically, use it +/- 1 second of its final duration).

I hope they respond here so we can work with them to come up with some well thought out ideas.
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