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Remove the current 6 piece and use the old 4 piece in its place (damage reduction 2% plus the 5 extra shield rating from the 2 set bonus). Problem solved.

What real shadow/assassins are doing now is running the old 186 set bonus + 192 or 198 chest piece for the extra little bit of armor, and Belt/ Bracers too of course. So we end up with 3 198 or 192 pieces, 1 "new" set bonus, and 2 "old" set bonuses.

We're really squishy as we are. I'm not saying we can't clear content, but I tank with my shadow, vanguard, guardian and jugg on progression. I'm 8/10, and I've also killed monolith on HM. Shadow is my main -and favorite character- but I must say it's a pain to survive compared to guardians and (specially) vanguards.

Like this we'll have extra charges and duration on kinetic ward, extra shield rating, quicker taunt (really important for the newer operations), a tiny bit (2%) of damage reduction, and also the other 2% from slow time.

Over all I believe survivability would go higher than 5%, yes, but only because the other tank's survivabilities are already quite a bit higher than the shadow's. Fixing the set bonuses and putting shadows at where the other tanks are right now as far as viability goes.

Just give us what we want and it'll all be fixed.
Agree with that post.
The new 2-piece is fine.
The new 4-piece bonus like other tanks.
The new 6-piece in not fine. The old 2-piece is better becouse increase survivability (+5% shield shance). Kinetic/Dark Ward active on me all time and only occasionally falls earlier CD.
I play with guardian and shadow/assassin tanks and can say that the Guardian survivability more than the Shadow. Also, the Guardian and the Vanguard have more option. The Vanguard and the Guardian can leap on target (for example, Quartermaster Bulo change position), shadow need use Forse Speed and run through all battlefield (both other tanks can increase own speed too). Further, in contrast to other tanks, shadow/assassin does not have the protective ability at mass agro and haven't mass stun at all. This is especially noticeable in PvP. On PvE Shadow's Shelter from Phase Walk can be used very little because healers are often not visible underneath circles AOE or difficult for them to stand in one place for mechanics.
I like play shadow tank - this is my favorite character - but in operation or group PvP i'll take guardian or vanguard. This is sorrowfully.