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Maybe I'm alone on this, but I'm not a fan of the taunt reduction.
You're not. The taunt reduction only matters with the current tier of content because mechanics make it useful. It will not matter when we are playing pre-3.0 raids for progression again.

There are fights where a fast taunt is great (i.e. fights with a lot of adds, thinking specifically of Revanite Commanders) where you literally cannot taunt every group of adds with an AoE. In the pre-3.0 fights, fights were tuned to where adds and switches happened at times where taunts would be up if you played well and planned in advance (the tightest fight was probably Draxus). There are never times where you need to taunt but cant unless you or a teammate made a mistake If you are tanking the old fights with this set bonus, all this is give you a chance to pad your threat per second. This is a waste of a set bonus unless they re-tune the old operations; this needs to go with Fallen Empire.

The pre-3.0 set bonus was great, but perhaps overpowered at current gear levels (I'll let a theory crafter talk about that). Perhaps leaving the Slow Time buff and adding the old Kinetic Ward buff (increasing shield chance by 5% while KW is up) would be nice.

That said, the other classes get buffs to their cooldowns in their set bonus (KW doesnt count as a cooldown for us). It might be nice if it reduced the cooldown or increased the duration of Battle Readiness or Force Potency.
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