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It also includes things that are off the global cooldown, like adrenals and such.

For Carnage/Combat, they have the passive 3% alacrity, and Berserk/Zen (for Carnage/Combat) adds another 30% alacrity. That means you only need enough alacrity rating to get to 17% alacrity percentage, which is 2159 alacrity rating. Its achievable under current stat budgets with 248 gear but you sacrifice a lot of critical to do it. Its probably easier to get to with 258 gear. With that much alacrity, you can achieve a 1 second GCD under Berserk/Zen.
I forgot to mention this is about Annihilation/Watchman parses with no passive alacrity bonus in the spec. I use Adrenals, too, and also Force Camouflage for the extra DPS, but I can only get to 57-58 APM - and I'm usually pretty good at playing with highest APM possible, using everything that's off GCD.

Also the parses with up to 62 APM have critical damage percentages and standard damage values on non critical hits of abilities like the dots that indicate the players do not have less Critical or Mastery in their gear - otherwise those numbers would have to be lower. As far as I read those parses, it's the standard 258 gear setup. Only alacrity is way out of bounds.
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