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OK, this event has me even more confused now.

I found the news droid, used my Sith Warrior, as they are level 61.
Went to the Imperial Fleet, and interacted with the news droid. Gave me a weekly with 2 objectives:
10 dailies
5 heroics

OK, I said. Let's go to Dantooine.
I get there, and I'm in a cave, and there are only 4 quest givers and they all are giving out heroics.

I tried the one with the walker and the farmstead, well since I'm level 61 and the bad guys are 70, that didn't go over too well.

So I started exploring a little bit, and seems all the bad guys are level 70
But, the news article says that the event is open to 20+ level toons? So what gives?

So where are the dailies?
Is this event meant to be done in groups?

There seems to be little to zero information on how this event works.
Anyone that can give me advice?

Well, 2 things that can help.


To find the other missions, you need to click on the flat mission board that is there. It's blue, and kind of big (I know, I had a hard time finding it the first time myself).


The other missions you're talking about are heroics. You probably need to group up for those. When you're on Dantooine, look at the general tab of chat.

If someone types, "LFM for heroics" it means they're looking for a group to do these missions.

You can type "x DPS for heroics" and it means you want to join as a dps.

If they say, "LFM 1H 1T for heroics" it means they're already full on dps and they need a healer or tank.
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