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Well, my comment to this would be:

Check the *********** legacy before if there is an achievement so you are not surpsised you don't get one, like we did. :-)
Well, thing is: it was noticed and remarked in the forum that there was no achievement before the event. But since earlier planets (Ossus being the latest example) always had their corresponding achievement for conquest tight to them it was safe/reasonable to assume that it was to be added with the patch between the event weeks the latest.

Now what is your option? If you don't conquer and they add the eachievement you've lost as well... so of course guilds did a lot of invest to conquer Dantooine (as you know this week TBJT is pushing it on our server).

It just does not make sense not to give an achievement, what would be the point in conquering a planet in that case?