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Anyone have any problems with flash point groups? I've leveled to 37, mostly following Madness spec with a few points in corruption. Since the start I've played healer with all my groups (have Heal & DPS checked in group finder). I haven't had any problems healing.... until now.

Foundry flash point was a disaster. It went fine all the way until the end, and then wipe, wipe, wipe. I couldn't keep up, and kept running out of Force. I got dumped from the group. One guy was pretty upset that I wasn't "a real healer". After doing some reading I see that he's right... there's a lot more to healer than I've been playing.

I'm new to MMO, and I don't want to be THAT GUY. So looking for some feedback.

My initial plan was to play DPS to learn (hence the Madness spec). I've been having a blast healing, so think I'd like to go in that direction. All my research says its possible to level as a healer, but then I see so many people in this thread being successful with the tri-spec.

I'd love some advice from more experienced players. I plan to level 50 and get into end game stuff.

How hard will it be to learn to use healer abilities at this level (instead of from the start)? Maybe I should wait until I reach 50? I don't want to cause wipes cause I don't know the different abilities.

Maybe I keep with the Madness focus and forget about playing healer role in flash points at these levels? (oh... usually I am 4-5 levels above my current missions, but now see that this wasn't the case for Foundry (37 and up... I will for sure wait until I level up to do this one again).

What do you think?
For healing FP post 30, as a sorc, you need to be nearly full heal spec to get innervate.

Simply, lack of the 1,5 sec DI we used to have pre 1,2 just makes you unable to keep up.

Your emergency healing is pretty much bubbling, innervate to get a cushion, and DI to get back the health out of the red zone.

This all-around wonder the OP was talking about is just no longer available.

Sorc healing is currently lacking for spike healing, so you need all the talents you can get, or you go out of force fast.