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Excellent post. Im leveling as a healer (18/7/3) but will give this a try for a few levels.
My .02...

Honestly, I think the sorcerer can level any spec, but leveling heavy heals is the slow way to go. I leveled the 31 points madness without any issues other than switching out xalek for talos on the final fight. the instant whirlwind is verrrrrry nice to have. Stronger dots mean that you can top up your tank while they tick away, all the while healing you from ...

Hokos spec is very nice too. But its really a one trick pony in that you're working those chain lightning wrath procs for a lot of AoE. IMO its better suited to PvP medal farming as it doesn't play nicely with CC, and is very force intensive comparatively. Also its more of a race to kill everything before your companion dies...

Creeping Terror (3/7/31)