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That brings me to the one topic I felt was left unanswered by your guide: Why do you not recommend 2-point Cell Capacitor after lv 40? What about 1 point in Cell Capacitor and 1 point in Heavy Trooper to help with ammo and survivability a bit each? Is it a worthwhile comprise to make ammo easier to manage overall, without incurring too much on durability and sustained presence?

Would you mind adding a small blurb about the skill under the "Optional Abilities and Skills" section? It seems to be the only skill you've left out and I'd love to know your thoughts on it in more detail, like with the others.!
The reason I personally don't use it is because I've gotten quite comfortable with the ammo management on Combat Medic. I have a great deal of tech bonus healing too, which helps ensure that my heals will hit pretty much as hard as possible even on a non-crit. This makes managing ammo considerably easier in my opinion.

You could definitely blend the two points -- most of my guide is honestly under the assumption you plan the maximum number of points into each skill (ie. if you put points into a 3-point skill, you put all 3 in). Prior to 1.3 I'd say otherwise (the bonuses from Heavy Trooper used to be greater), but bumping up your Endurance and healing receive slightly in addition to making Recharge Cells more effective is definitely a good idea. I'll make sure when I give the guide another run through after 1.5, I'll try to incorporate this more "balanced" approach when allocating skill points. Thanks for the advice!

As for the guide, I do plan on updating a bit now that I'm more familiar with the 1.4 changes to resolve. I also hope to add some sections for general heal strategies like who to prioritize and when, but also, how to manage your guard if you have one.
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