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It's come to my attention, Bioware, that you have slipped in references to Disney's Star Wars within the game. Outfits and weapons were toeing the line, this is sticking the tip of the nail over it:
  • Gatalentan tea and the world it comes from
  • A reference being interpreted by some as a possible reference to Ahch-to in the Republic Jedi Under Siege story

Players, if you know of any others, please share them in this thread.

This game is every EU fan's last refuge from Disney. Here, we can pretend the EU was never relegated as non-canon and the sequel trilogy, those awful standalone movies, and the poor imitation of Battlefront never happened.

Please do not make any more references to Disney's Star Wars. Disney has no place in an EU game. Keep their stuff out of an EU game. You are playing with fire by putting the streams dangerously close together, to mix metaphors.
^-1, OPPOSED: just because you don't like it, doesn't mean other players shouldn't enjoy it if they want. I love my cross guard lightsabers and would pay whatever BioWare wants for a ToR version of Kylo Ren's robes and The Mandalorian full Beskar armor.