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Operative hasn't been the best healer since 3.0 changes. Sure it has good AoE and sustained, but sustained hps is rarely a problem. Burst damage is what kills people in both pvp and pve, not sustained damage. Sorcs could easily rival an operatives EHPS before, and that's without counting the shielding done with static barrier. There's a reason about 50% of all healers were sorcs in pve (from starparse stats) and probably way over that in pvp. If you really think Sorcs weren't by far the best healers before the nerf, I don't see the point discussing this at all
The reason over 50% of all healers on sp were sorcs was not because they were better healers it was because
1. Out of the 3 they are the easiest to play.
2. Peeps mistake their burst healing for being the best.
3. They carried a light saber and can shoot cool purple lightning.

And since you brought up SP, the highest numbered healer in most hm/nim ops on SP are Op healers not sorcs. It is mainly because they can do so much more then the one trick burst healing sorc. Once they took the burst away, they became useless. They had nothing else to fall back on. No hots, no aoe's, nothing. And their shield you are talking up so much, it equals, what, about a 15k heal at best? Please. that doesn't even touch one of the other two's hot's. So save it.

Also I never cared if they were the "best" or not. I just want them to be playable still in pve. In their current state, they are not. The nerf went way to far.