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02.15.2020 , 11:29 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by carruck View Post
Considering the guy literally said that hes new to ranked and pvp in general its safe to assume he's bad, that along with being constantly kicked and blamed for losses. again, safe to assume he's not good.
Ranked players have every right to get angry when trash players constantly queue, ranked is for good players, not total noobs.
Ranked is not some form of brain surgery, contrary to how difficult you seem to make it sound new people can be good at it. Although it seems like it was some sort of personal achievement for you, so congrats on being a big fish in a puddle.

And that's not even touching on all of the wintraders and people that just kick out anyone who isn't part of their clique.

Your arrogant attitude that pervades throughout ranked is why it's dying.