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In pve:

Look that thing about people not playing carnage in Nims its wrong..theres lots of people that play it in Nims and they do just fine..they simple not OP anymore, but its still a good class.

And before people reply with parses...when 5.0 came out and after some gear grind..i would say a half mix of 236/240/ and few 242 carnage was perfectly fine for Nims, actually was still a top class due to bugs.I remember with that gear i used to parse something like 9.4/9.5k and still had dps enough for me and still could spare some for my team mates..and im not the greatest mara in the game AT ALL.

Also Fury is not that OP in Pve..a lot of places carnage is still on pair or better. The class does as good as old carnage did in parsing, but that parsing doesnt translate to real Bosses the same way carnage did.

Current carnage its more than ok for any pve stuff, so stop complaining that needs buffs like if the class is impossible to use in Nims..if only everything needs nerfs to damage/healing and "mitigation" for Pve.

Tbh i know that people who usually complain about some spec is bad in pve are one spec players that got some nerf to their spec and their epeen got a bit smaller, not really players that look at pve as a team game and actually care what other people that main/play other classes/spec perform in the game. Tbh this goes for pve and pvp.

In pvp:

From all melle spec its still one of the strongest specs in game...the STACK STUFF and the simplification of the class aka (proc to vicious lasting longer) was a pvp BUFF to carnage..

Carnage with Stacks its better than carnage without stacks.

Carnage still have great burst in pvp...and now that burst its also reliable.

If they had change carnage to a 4 system stacks (beserk) 3 system stacks (without beserk), so basically same burst as before and same sustain, the spec would be an old PT in steroides..and would most likely made carnage the strongest class in pvp by far.

So calm down because the spec its just fine..

PS: My favourite spec in game was old Carnage marauder,in pvp and pve.. and i am a Mara main, and in my opinion mara needs nerfs..more nerfs mostly to defensives/mobility..since damage its just fine as it is for pvp. Tho not only Maras needs nerf to dcds, almost every class should be nerf dcd wise for pvp and for pve as well, OH and dont let me start with the ******* 300 roots and slows im not going in there. Just for the sake of having fun and the game be actually engaging.

Also i read someone proposed a 10% heal to Annihilation Crits. I dont mean to offend you my friend..but thats the dumbest thing i have ever read in a marauder Thread..and thats hard to achiv since we have the Resident Grim posting here all the time. anyway, peace o/