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05.19.2019 , 12:57 PM | #1
Trying to set up a Quick-Charge/Hydrospanner Flashfire build to see how it performs in comparison to an Evasion Flashfire, as outlined in Siraka's guide: https://shadowlandsreconnaissancewin...flashfiresting

. Components include:

Primary: Burst Lasers: Improved Firing Arc, Improved Shield Damage
Secondary: Cluster Missiles: Ammo, Double Volley
Systems: Targeting Telemetry: Target Prediction, Precision Targeting
Shields: Quick-Charge Shields: Reduced Cooldown
Engines: Power Dive: Increased Turning

Armor: Reinforced Armor
Capacitor: Damage Capacitor
Reactor: Large Reactor
Thrusters: Turning Thrusters

Copilot: T7-01
Offensive: Qyzen Fess
Defensive: Tanno Vik
Tactical: Elara Dorne
Engineering: T7-01

The idea of this build is to trade Evasion for stronger shields, hull, and self-repair, so I can withstand sustained fire and, most importantly, SURVIVE PROTON TORPEDOS. Because I'm running Hydrospanner instead of Wingman, I'm opting for Clusters using Qyzen to maximize their firing arc for lock-ons, and I've traded Threat Evasion for Target Prediction on TT so I can hit easier with Bursts.

The problem is finding a decent copilot for the Hydrospanner ability. Of all of my available crew, apparently T7 is the one of only two copilots with Hydrospanner, the other being B-3G9, and he's not much better. He has 6% Accuracy, which is good, and Rapid Reload, which is likely crap on a Scout, while T7 has Efficient Blasters and Power to Blasters, both of which probably aren't bad on a Bursts scout, but I'd much rather have Efficient Engines at the very least.

Are these really my only two options for Hydrospanner? There's no one better for Pub side?