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Because there's no way to part amicably with anyone? Apart from being able to decline certain Alliance Alert companions, I can't think of any companions we can tell to leave, politely or otherwise. Which is a shame. It's always either a case of don't recruit in the first place, put a lightsaber through, or rudely tell them to get lost.
You can tell Kalyio and Jorgan to leave it may not be a sweet parting but you don't have to kill them!

I don't see what's so terrible about telling someone to take a hike. We are not Wookiees we don't owe Lana a Life Debt. I've only killed Broomark because it's forced, and Vaylin Kills Torian. Otherwise, my record is banish or imprison. I can't even bring myself to kill Skadge for cryin' out loud. Saresh who really deserves it is in the jail. I'm not a killer type of player, never have been.

However, I do think its important for your Comps to make sense in the story. In the Vanilla Game we had to put up with people like Kalyio, Skadge, and Vic, because the Quest Giver demanded it. Now, though Lana is both Quest Giver and MAIN COMP, that's not fair!