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09.19.2012 , 09:05 PM | #12
Great post Chippy
100% agreed all ocianic need merging to super server asap before we loss more people. the community idear wont work for ocianics we need marger and super server, and a community with usa and ero servers for pvp and group finder. or else game is doomed to fail!!!!!!!! and we need it done yesterday. also we need the maitance time changed so that it dosent happen at main stream aus times its a joke. and 10 hours maintance is a joke, 4 hour should be max. also pls fix patches on ptr and fully check them to stop all the problem with the current patches, we shouldnt have to test the patches on the main realms so the desingers need to make sure patches are right before deploying them.
and the help ticket need to be done better you have so many rules put ticket under wrong title and say to resumit what a joke, have gm's check every ticket for help.