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09.19.2012 , 08:54 PM | #11
Chippy great post mate, i support all of the statements you have pointed out if its to get our APAC community back up to a sustained level so that we can enjoy the game we pay for monthly, then bioware please do your thing and address these issues
Overall a merge with pve/rp for one master server instead of 3 split servers would be a great move, i mean do we pay a monthly subscription for "Role playing" or pve only based servers or do we pay to have a high ammount of players to do new content, Warzones and overall actually enjoy the game?

For those who complain towards pve/pvp combining you should wake up and think outside of the box for once, we are both lacking numbers on our servers and i'd prefer we have a large community like the us ones then none at all.

Will be looking forward to your excuses bioware.

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