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Been playing around with this
0/29/17 giving up auto-maul for raze and running lightning charge

I don't see the point in gettign static cling and magnetism just to get auto duplicity proc, seems like alot of wasted points.

Would be intrested in that Darkness hybrid build with 100% shock dmg. Are you finding your self force starved? I wonder how much alacrity it would take to overcome force starvation in some of these builds
I do find the force management pretty challenging. A couple of things I am doing is first of all not running my force pool to zero. I know we are used spamming abilities and only Saber Striking when we have absolutely no force. I start putting Saber Strikes in the rotation if I drop below 20 force. This is helping quite a bit for having enough force foreShock. Second, we cannot just spam Thrash. Having enough force for Shock is a must, we got to budget for it. I found that if I could manage to use Low Slah right after a Maul for a second Maul I actually gained force necause of how cheap Mauls are. Abuse your Blackout ability and reset it as often as you can with Shroud.

When I did these things I was always just one Saber Strike away from being able to use my costly Shocks. Saber Striking before was a clear indication you were doing something wrong, got to set that mind set to the side. Being able to afford Shocks with this spec is well worth it. Many other AC's have to fill with there auto attacks far more than we do, don't get too discuraged just yet. Lastly, we are all familiar with how much ccc there is in this gae, we are all familiar with what our force pool looks like when we get out of that cc.

I know I already said lastly but just thought of another positive reason to fill with Saber Strike even when we can afford Thrash, Dark Charge has a 65% chance to proc.