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07.27.2015 , 04:06 AM | #8
I agree the Yavin SH is poorly designed with a totally haphazard layout? No input was requested from the player base for whoever was responsible for slapping this project together? After looking at several player Yavin SH's It's quickly apparent what a waste of time and effort it would be to DECORATE this monstrosity.

The secret cave should have led to the top of the hill with an open area overlooking the entire SH with a large area to decorate as an assembly area. Everything else is just way too spread out and not very useful or functional as you spend most of the time just running back and forth. The most glaring defect is not having hooks to put guild bank, legacy storage, GTN and other utility items near the landing dock. This SH was not well thought out in terms of player usability and functionality for personal and guild SH's ! This is really sad as I was looking forward to getting this SH and decorating it? Agree with all other posters that Bioware/EA totally missed the mark on this SH!

However, after seeing the Yavin SH and how many players have decorated theirs, I agree with all other posters on how badly this SH was designed and implemented. I HAVE NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to WASTE 2,500 cc or 2.5 million credits to unlock this SH.

Maybe next time Bioware/EA will actually listen to the player base and implement ideas and layouts (what players actually want) that appeal to those who play SWTOR.