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I was really excited about this Stronghold and it looks great...but I agree with you, it's a total mess and I am close already to giving up on it.

First thing is painfully obvious: A stronghold should have a place directly near the entry point for utilities. Y4 doesn't have this and any of the rooms we do have are not suited for this type of set up either to be honest.

[B]Secondly, the hooks are not well done at all. Whoever decided where the hooks were placed and which ones, has absolutely no sense of decorating Strongholds[/B]. Aside from the general gripe that goes for all SH's that their alignment is always off making symmetry near impossible, the placement of a lot of centerpiece hooks is completely wasted, especially the ones inside the buildings. Funnily the main room you enter in first could handle a centerpiece hook but doesn't have it. The lower room has a block of 4 big ones that have useless alternative layouts for that room.

The balconies are nice as such but hooks there are also not very useful. The area above the main room where you can look down also suffers from a poor layout and well, I can go on. By the way, also thanks for all those hooks on those high slanted walls inside the buildings that are absolutely pointless as you can't really put anything on there that makes sense either. And it goes on really. Sorry BW, I love strongholds in general but the hook layout in this one is a complete and utter disaster to me.

Thanks also for the second starship hook in the back with virtually no hooks around it make something more of the area and also that little tower with just enough space to stand in with little green hooks that also make that tower pretty much pointless.

Oh and big area in the middle with tons of hooks with 3 centerpiece hooks right next to each idea what to do with that yet either. Oh and nice cave with virtually no hooks in it. Can't do much there either.

And one more thing. A lot of the decorations that are out (and I have a lot of em) just are not really useable in this stronghold. The colour scheme of the stronghold really doesn't mix well with a lot of stuff, especially environmental items. Most trees and bushes are totally out of tone.

All in all the Y4 stronghold is a beatiful place but it's an utterly poor stronghold as far as functionality and decorating are concerned.

I really am disapointed with it and wish I hadn't bought it at the moment. I mean I even deactivated my other strongholds temporarily just so I would have the full force of my collection of decorations available and still have not been able to fill one room satisfactorily. It really is a big let down for me and wish you could do something about this.
I am thinking that old neckbeard that did the Yavin live feed with Eric worked on the yavin SH. Time for him to retire...