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That right there is suspicious. "Don't worry, friend. My boss will say same think as me. You don't need talk to him". Yeahhhh uh huh. Everything CS related lately has a bad smell to it.

Also, yeahhhh sure ya did. 50 you say. Uh huh.
I've heard my fair share of horror stories about Customer Service lately, and there was another individual who was quite rude and off-putting, even resorted to hanging up on me in the middle of our conversation, but I can forgive all that if a resolution is reached.

I believe he spoke to that many people, but they're all likely representatives in his office who are all held to the same policy restraints. When I asked to speak to his direct supervisor he stated that it wasn't possible and he wasn't able to escalate the call any further. While I may not necessarily believe the validity of that statement, this was possibly the third or fourth time I spoke to that same individual, both in game and on the phone, and he was nothing but polite with me and genuinely seemed interested in helping any way he could. I don't know what their set-up or procedural situations are there in regards to escalation, but I believe he did what he could to help.