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Hello everyone,

Thanks a lot for your interest in the movie. I really appreciate all the comments you have given. Just to clarify certain aspects I am writing this:

- cooldowns are not an addon, play around with preferences in game
- I did not share full warmonger premade clips, since some officers disagreed about sharing all of our tactics with everyone (even though we have streamers, we actually hide some tactical play we have)
- In warmonger premades I am more restricted to play my role, when I was pugging against good republic premades in RWZ, I thought it would be more of a challenge so that's why you see me playing with people from other guilds against full premades consisting of full geared pvp ers. So, not all of the clips have 14k hp players in it. In fact, the majority of the clips are recorded at a competitive level believe it or not.
- about backpedal, I am a multigladiator from wow and I myself know how it is interpreted by other people, but let me share my opinion with you guys: 1) you can ADJUST your force push more accurate (05:24 in video) if you later want to charge him or you want your friend to be able to charge him, not to mention the flame pushes. 2) strafing to go back and then using camera PREVENTS you from selecting charge or intercede targets. Remember this is not WOW tab mechanics are slightly different. I am saying all of this from the Juggernaut perspective please keep that in mind.
- android normally never plays in rwz double premades. I forced him to play with us because he is extremely skilled. As I mentioned before, you can't see full warmonger premades going because some of our officers were against the idea of sharing our strategical play in my movie, we thought sharing them in a future guild movie would be better.
- the specs and gear choice are all linked+shown in the video, I am using endurance/power augments for tanking and str/endurance augments for hybrid.

Please feel free to ask anything, I would be more than happy to reply. Again, thanks a lot for watching and writing comments. Even flaming is a part of pvp I take it like that so I totally respect that.

Have fun and see you around !