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I'm not sure why he would feel compelled to. I'm sure he has plenty of other issues to deal with, the PvP players getting their feathers ruffled over the exclusivity of their mounts for example, or maybe the cantina event in two days time, than to feel the need to drop in and comment on the threads you feel are important.

I have no idea of how the Community Team manage the forums but I'm pretty sure Eric isn't sat reading through every thread from start to finish, There will be moderators, largely tasked with keeping things civil and cleaning up the worst transgressions, and maybe flagging threads and/or specific posts for the Community Team to take note of. This process probably isn't just limited to this forum either but external communication sources like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc... Maybe what landed on Eric's lap didn't make any direct connection between this thread and the one on Faction Change.

I think this highlights a couple of things;
What is important to you, may not even make it onto another persons radar.
There is always room to stretch a quote to favour your argument if you want it bad enough.
Just bursting with excuses, aren't you? Oh well. He answered a 7 page thread and ignored a 241 page thread. Feel free to insert excuse here.
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