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01.03.2017 , 06:51 PM | #268
Just saw another thread dissatisfied with 5.0 and how it's making "Endgame Progression" difficult.

I don't get it. There aren't that many Operations are there? Sure there are harder versions of them but is that progression? There hasn't been a new Op for over a year, right?

I'll do the KOTFE and KOTET stories as a dark side character but my progression will be story progression, filling in the half dozen class stories I've not finished and all the previous endgame missions and expansions, as well as the special events.

Coming on a few times a week to run the same stuff every week doesn't appeal to me that much. I did it for a while in DCUO when that launched and it was fun being able to help guildies through it. In COH I loved repeating some of the Taskforces and even some story arcs, but part of the appeal of repeating stuff is doing it on different characters, with different powers and different choices. Sure some of that might just be superficial changes, but it gives me a better feeling than the most recent "raiding" I've done on Destiny where it was okay, but the dedication and repetition made the grind feel far more up front than say, playing through a class story on SWTOR and occasionally diverting into other parts of the game to level up a bit in a different way.
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