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I've been playing a lot over the holidays as my best friend's mother went into hospital on Christmas Day and then into hospice. I stayed to help take care of her through the end, and SWTOR entertained me and kept my spirits up through that harrowing process. I crafted and PVPed and talked to my guildmates a little between administering medications and doing laundry, and I came out the other side sadder but better off than I'd have been without this outlet. Sometimes what you really need is a little escape, and SWTOR provided me that.
Sounds like you were there for who needed you, t_euclidus, and that SWTOR was there for you, as well. I wish it had been under better circumstances, but the Force works in mysterious ways sometimes, doesn't it? Your sharing of the "harrowing process" helps make the point that us SWTORians are flesh and blood people complete with entanglements and struggles— and that we are people who appreciate those few precious minutes of release and escape that bolsters us so we can continue to fight another day.

It's probably why I find myself often looking forward to that evening fix of SWTOR after a full-on workday, although my workplace drama isn't even in the same Galaxy as what you had dropped into your lap over what's supposed to be one of the most joyful times of the year.

A tip of my helmet out of respect, and a bowed head of thankfulness that you shared your goings-on with the rest of us, t_euclidus!

This really is becoming my favorite place on the forum— such amazing and fully-dimensional people, all of you!