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Well, I crossed over yesterday and the Galaxy didn't come to an unexpected end. In fact, I got as far as Chapter VI, the pacing was so spot-on!

I only progressed as far as Chapter 9 the last time I played the KOTFE SWTORyline, in fact, so everything will be fresh and new beyond that point. I also appear to be well-geared for the content. Not to mention the near-constant obligatory target practice on Skytroopers to make sure my mad skillz with button mashing and mouse clicking are good and ready, lol!


And how were your holidays? Did you have any time spent playing the SWTORy?
I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far. It's been fun for me, but I'm only up to chapter IX. On several characters.... None of whom I've taken into Firebrand. I stay put in chapter IX grinding out alliance reputation and collecting companions. I'm a little nervous to go past it.

I've been playing a lot over the holidays as my best friend's mother went into hospital on Christmas Day and then into hospice. I stayed to help take care of her through the end, and SWTOR entertained me and kept my spirits up through that harrowing process. I crafted and PVPed and talked to my guildmates a little between administering medications and doing laundry, and I came out the other side sadder but better off than I'd have been without this outlet. Sometimes what you really need is a little escape, and SWTOR provided me that.
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