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01.03.2017 , 09:29 AM | #264
Well, I crossed over yesterday and the Galaxy didn't come to an unexpected end. In fact, I got as far as Chapter VI, the pacing was so spot-on!

I only progressed as far as Chapter 9 the last time I played the KOTFE SWTORyline, in fact, so everything will be fresh and new beyond that point. I also appear to be well-geared for the content. Not to mention the near-constant obligatory target practice on Skytroopers to make sure my mad skillz with button mashing and mouse clicking are good and ready, lol!

I didn't have a love interest to open KOTFE with, but chose Vette as my go-to gal for a significant early conversation before everything really began to hit the fan.

Also had the pleasure of briefly chatting with one of our esteemed Casuals here in the new CasualCorner channel that was started up by a fellow SWTORian.

And how were your holidays? Did you have any time spent playing the SWTORy?