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Hello Everyone!
I've been away for quite some time as other MMOs came up, and I couldn't afford Premium access to all of them (Which I feel is the Only way one should play an MMO). So... I am back, and I've been searching for up-to-date guides for some builds that would help me reintegrate back into the game and familiarize myself with the mechanics of the game and new updates since I left.

As the Title suggests, I am currently searching for a good leveling build - either Republic or Empire, doesn't matter. Most if not all guides I've seen are either outdated or for End Game Content (but even then, still a year old). So, I've come to seek advice on finding a build that would suit me in leveling (good attack and survivability for mostly solo content).

Thank you all for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing you in game!
The 4.0 guides are still quite applicable; the main change will be regarding gear, which you don't need to worry about until 70. If you're playing a class with an AOE ability(ies) that's what you'll tend to use often (such as TK Wave and Forcequake on Sage). Speaking of, I find TK Sage and Lit Sorc to be really easy to level due to their large and multiple AOE's and their self heals. My usual tactic on my Sage and Sorc is to send my comp in first on tank mode to gather mobs, start channeling TK Wave while the mobs gather then hit with a Forcequake right after. Most things don't survive. Sniper/Gunslinger also has a nice, large AOE but lack self heals. The 4.0 guides can help you figure out what to use for single target DPS. Keep in mind that you won't have all of your abilities and rotation isn't as important during the early levels.

In the current game, with comps the way they are, survivability is not an issue. Gone are the days of being a DPS only class with just a tank comp. All comps can be set to tank, DPS, or heal mode making an class/spec survivable and fairly easy to level. While in heal mode, comps have a channeled heal that they will use if you're down 5 hp. That ability can be turned off to get more DPS from your comp while in heal mode while sacrificing some healing. Generally people find they don't need the channeled heal during most solo content and just turn it on for harder fights (right-click the ability on the comp toolbar to turn it on/off, green box lit or unlit). Heroics are easy to do solo with your comp, and many flashpoints have a solo mode that has a combat assist droid that functions as tank, DPS, and healer all at once (you can usually put your comp on DPS during solo FP's). The newer FP's lack the droid, though, so you may need to feed some gifts to the assigned comp for the extra healing (don't have to worry about that until after Iokath, so very late game). You only need about 16.5k credits (82 gifts) to buy green rank 1 gifts to get a comp to influence rank 10 (if you don't have the legacy bonus, less if you do). Influence replaced Affection and goes up to 50 now.

Regarding gear, you really don't need to worry about BIS and stat optimization until you hit 70 and start getting command crates. Before that you can either get gear from heroics or use adaptive gear (buy on the fleet or use CM gear) and stuff it with mods from the mod vendors on the fleet. What I usually do is when I finish a planet I'll run the heroics for that planet and use that gear to upgrade what I'm wearing then head to the fleet to fill in any slots that need upgrading. You can buy a complete set of adaptive gear on the fleet from the adaptive gear vendor for 4,800 credits (that's a 7-piece set plus off-hand shield/generator/focus for 600 creds each). Level sync keeps you in-line with the level for the planet you're on, so if your gear isn't exactly up to your level it's not a big issue as your stats will often be higher than the planet you're on. Leveling has been greatly sped up, you get much more XP from missions now, so you can generally get by with doing just your class story and either heroics, the planetary arc, or some side missions (or some combination), but you don't have to run everything anymore.

My recommendation, because leveling is so easy now due to the changes made to comps, gearing, and XP gain, is to play what interests you. I tend to like Guardian/Juggernaut over Sentinel/Marauder, Commando/Mercenary over Vanguard/Powertech, and Scoundrel/Operative over Gunslinger/Sniper, but like Sage/Sorcerer and Shadow/Assassin equally. I find Guardian more fun to play, I like Commando due to the self heals, and Scoundrel has stealth and self heals, which is super fun. I main a Sage and a Sorc, my favorite class, and Shadow/Assassin is super fun with Shadow Stride/Phantom Stride (a late'ish level ability).
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