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04.01.2018 , 11:41 AM | #1
So ive returned to this game, be it casual. I haven't played since season 1. Just spent the last 4-5 days doing warzones to 70.

So much has changed. have a few questions for anyone who can quickly help me:-

. Tier 4- Gemini MK-5 is the best gear for pvp?

. Grinding consists of warzones and warzone weekly's. This is to gain unassembled comms that you use to purchase tier gear and repurchase until every item is tier -4 and then thats it? (similar to old comms and then ranked coms gear)

. Lethal Mod and adept enhancment are BIS for dps?

. What is considered the fastest to gear tier 4? I cba with any other element of swtor apart from pvp as i play solo.

. Can i anyone give me an idea of whats FOTM and what really isnt? so i know what to look out for in warzones and who to avoid on my merc until i have gear?

Last time i played competitevly was back when smash /sweep dominated dps and Operatives were the only valublle healers.

Thanks in advance

p.s - if anyone from ToFN or Legions of lettow recognises me (Ashton/Lamefish) message me in game i need carrying for a bit)
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