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You've got to realize that the only updates to the merc class that everyone (except mercs) will approve would be to replace our blasters with rubber chickens and let us throw eggs at opponents. That way it's more of a laugh when we get slaughtered.

They don't want a fighting merc and they don't want competition. It's a shame that the instant Tracer Missile idea was abandoned. That had true potential.

Let me know when we get those chickens.
Run and Gun would be proc'd off of Rocket Punch, which is only a 9 second cooldown. so if need be, every 9s you could use 3 casted abilities as instants. use all 3 in a row, and that is 4.5s, and Rocket Punch is halfway done its cooldown already.

i think it would be very well balanced, especially in conjunction with the relatively wimpy knockback on Rocket Punch for Arsenal. it would allow the merc to create additional space. and after 3x instant tracers, heatseeker missiles, rail shot, and explosive dart, your opponent should be pretty dang close to dead. at that point use jet boost, and finish them off.
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