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However, I do find your 'I'm right, you're wrong' attitude quite rude so I will agree to disagree with you and trouble this thread no further.
I have no intent in being rude, and apologize. I generally do agree to disagree on maters of opinion. However in this case I think you are trying to apply an opinion to something that in my mind at least is objective.

Saying that Darth Vader is a cooler villain then Darth Maul, is a matter of opinion, there's no objective way to prove this one way or another.

The idea that the Clone Troopers are actually the bad guys is in my mind an objective statement, one that can be proven false, because in Ep2 and every episode of the Clone Wars they are clearly the good guys by every objective standard I can think of.

When you compare the screen time of the Clone Wars and Ep 2, to the Ep 4-6, it's clear that the vast, vast majority of time you see white armored troopers, they are the good guys. Go into any store like Walmart or Toys-r-us and look at the Star Wars section, the Clone Troopers are packaged as good guys.

The last bit of Ep 3 had the clone troopers as bad guys yes, but when that happened they had their free will taken away by Sidius, and most likely had any trace of personality crushed in the process. In the Clone Wars show, there are clear differences in personality between the troopers, even though they're all clones.

So to say they are the bad guys the whole time, is I believe objectively false for the reasons I have listed. They clearly are on the "side of the angels" for most of the stories they are part of.

All that said, I again apologize for sounding rude.