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I'm assuming that you didn't intend to come across as quite so rude.
I don't intend to be rude, but that doesn't change the fact that you're quite simply wrong. The very idea that they're somehow the bad guys, because of some event that will happen in the future doesn't work. By that logic Darth Vader was actually a good guy the whole time, since he switched sides at the end.

The Clone Troopers when they had freedom of choice, worked with the Jedi and fought for the Republic, it was only when they had the freedom of choice removed from them that they became bad guys.

This is especially true in the Clone Wars TV show. The members of the ARC squad are clearly heroes and the "good guys".

I will continue to resist pointing out the basic grammatical error you have managed to make in every one of your recent posts.
Feel free, I will gladly admit that my grammar is not great, I'm a product of public education. That doesn't however change the value of my arguments, and if you feel a need to attack me in that nature go for it. It won't help your arguments at all and will in fact be nothing more then an ad hominem attack on your part.