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I don't even know if he WAS a commander of an elite commando unit. To be honest I doubt he was. I said even if HE was special, not that he was commanding something special.

Actually, this is wrong. It doesn't give them details in any way, shape or form. It just tells them something bad is about to happen. It's their decades of training that allows them to interpret that into something useable.

Jedi/Sith are not THAT magnificent. Unlike the game, they can't force-spam when in combat. It requires a lot of focus and concentration and makes them very vulnerable to attack. If it's 1v1 then they can force-spam more freely, but in a warzone situation you wont see a force user using the force in any blatant way, they certainly wont be levitating people up and zapping them or anything. So without their more blatant force powers, then year, soldiers can often go toe-to-toe with them.

Your example is a bad one because Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, they weren't really that special. They were all royalty sure, but combat-wise they were not that amazing. They didn't have any super amazing talents or anything. All they had were years of training. Gandalf is about the only one who was anything special.

Whether you want to admit it, an everyday soldier is very much a match for a jedi or sith. You are WOEFULLY overestimating how powerful force users are.
Going off topic here for a sec: Aragorn was a ranger (not to mention the heir to the throne of Gondor and a descendant of Numenor). A ranger in Tolkien's middle earth was one of the deadliest men to roam the lands. They could even hold off the Nazgul in a fair fight (ofc they couldn't kill them). Legolas and Gimli on the other hand were not heroic to begin with, but like say the inquisitor story, they rise up as they stick with frodo to begin with, help Rohan at helms deep and eventually rally with the other rangers at the battle of Pellanor, they become few of the most well known and heroic individuals in middle earth.

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