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Quote: Originally Posted by VanorDM View Post
You are wrong, it's just that simple.
I think what you meant to say is "I disagree" rather than "You are wrong. It's just that simple". I'm assuming this, because I'm assuming that you didn't intend to come across as quite so rude.

Quote: Originally Posted by VanorDM View Post
The clone troopers are the good guys at the start. The fact that they had been programed to turn on the Jedi doesn't make them bad guys. It made them preprogramed to do something at a future date.
So, by that argument, a movie bad guy is actually a good guy until they do their first 'bad' act. Personally I don't think that way. To me Republic Troopers make no sense at all. To reiterate my earlier arguments, in the movies, there were no republic troopers at the beginning. The real bad guys of the films created troopers as tools for them to use at a future date.

Now, you can disagree with that view point as much as you like, but please don't call my argument stupid and in return I will continue to resist pointing out the basic grammatical error you have managed to make in every one of your recent posts. Deal?
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