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First an observation: ever hear of an 'alt-oholic" Could it not be said that an alt-oholic is a hardcore story player?
It is not easy to make a post like this but I listen to each and everyone of you so keep the feedback comming and I will update. I updated with casual, hardcore and casualhardcore. At some point I have to sort the different explanations but not for a while, now we are in the feedback and add constructivve suggestions phase.

Keep up the good work, and please write here what I should change and I will get right on it, we make this together.

In a while I will sort them out so that we get them in the correct area.

Feel free to update and do not be afraid if you are unsure, we will answer it for you,

If anyone got something they think about and wonder what it means, post it here and we will help you get your answer.