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01.09.2021 , 12:20 PM | #8
Can you easily find your Amplifiers?
By using the list on the right side? No. Mainly, because I care more about the Armoring amplifiers and they get mixed up with the mod and shell ones and it's a mess. i still use ctrl+right click in order to realize what's what. Also, that list not being collapsible is a tremendous aggravation.

Can you navigate the Amplifiers list?
Again, I would rather have those amplifiers ordered/collapsed as the crafting skills are, in groups that include the armoring amplifiers, the shell ones and the mod ones. As they are now, the list is too long and too mixed up to be useful.

Did you have any trouble determining how to reroll an Amplifier or lock the rarity?
A bit of trouble, nothing worth complaining. The text "loc:291:itemenh" I hope will be changed to something more intuitive. Other than that, it gave me a nice mathematical problem t figure out if it's more advantageous to use the lock or not.