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01.09.2021 , 11:28 AM | #6
Amplifier rerolling seems fine, finally being able to put Flashpoint Rewards/Pvp Rewards/etc on especially Dxun armor shells within a reasonable amount of time and credits is very good (maybe lucky, spent average of 1 million per piece, between 1-15 expensive rerolls per piece for a full set).

I preferred the old layout of the character sheet, now waist, legs and feet are separated from the rest of the armor with mainhand/offhand between them. Many of my characters share mainhand/offhands, but just a few of them share armor sets, so it has been straightforward until now to click everything off to inventory, then click again to put my stuff into legacy bank in order. Now, that separation between upper/lower body armor makes it more tedious. I understand the change, mainhand and offhand are in real life separating waist from hands, but I do not believe it is a meaningful translation from real life to game, especially considering there are fundamental gearing differences between armor/weapons: set bonuses, hilts, barrels, armorings, crystals etc. Please keep the mainhand/offhand slots separated from armor like before.

Also like another poster here said: the amplifier list (not the amplifier list which appears from clicking Potential Amplifiers but the one seemingly built-in in the character sheet) clutters the screen, and I don't see the button for opening/closing it like it works on live. I'm using a 1920x1080 monitor and usually these new big windows like the login rewards work fine, however, when previewing how armor looks, I frequently have open my inventory, character sheet and the GTN, maybe even a cargo bay. I'm not interested in seeing my amplifiers when I do that, and right now the amplifier list takes up a fifth of my screen space. I hope this button omission is only temporary.

Oh, and the shell amplifiers still say Efficient Synthweaving when it, according to all the other crafting skill names compared to mission/gathering skills, should say Synthweaving Efficiency.