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Smarty's guide to all end gearing:
Is this spreadsheet only showing PVE gearing? I was under the impression that for Balanced Sage I needed 1860 Alacrity, 1796 Crit (optimal value for Crit), 0 for Accuracy, any other points in Mastery.

  • Accuracy - 0 for PVP as there is no base resistance to yellow (force/tech) damage
  • Alacrity - Numerous threads on the 1860 breakpoint
  • Critical - See note below that talks about 1796 for PVE. I'm not sure if that works for PVP as well, but that is what I was aiming for...

In this paper, Schwarzschilda determines the optimal value of Critical Rating for most DPS disciplines in PvE to be 1796 (assuming an overall item rating of 248). Beyond this, he finds that Mastery contributes more DPS than Critical Rating. There are some caveats—strictly, this only applies to melee and ranged attacks—but his approach is worth noting.