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02.15.2015 , 05:19 PM | #5880
First boss of the new Blood Hunt FP. Zoned in to two marauder dps. I guess I'm proud of them for stickin' it to the man and still playing marauders but... One is a marauder who I know is pretty good at PVP, the other is a random I've never met. Both have around 49k health, 192s mostly. I was healing on my merc and had already beat the flashpoint once today on my sniper and had watched dulfy's vids on them and noticed her enrage timer (3:25) and from my combat log we'd killed it under 3 minutes with my group.

After we had it at 50% on the first pull after 3 minutes (died to adds after a dps died to blue circles) I let em know they need to up the dps or this isn't happening. The one marauder I don't know gets all offended. "MY DPS IS GREAT OK" and I'm like well what'd you parse. All I get is "?". Dude, its cool if you don't want to get serious about PVE, but don't try to come off as knowing how good your damage is when you DON'T *********** KNOW. I told him that hey, you don't actually know your damage done if you're not running parsec or starparse bruh. He quit the group and we got a merc with 40k HP fresh off of Yavin 4 story questline... Gave that one a few more pulls and apologized to the group and bowed out.

Suffice to say I don't think I'll be queing for randoms for a while. I'm super glad they stepped up the difficulty (wish it would've been more for the final bosses of each, they're quite boring) but some people have to actually L2P.