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These are a few short stories of horrible KDY runs from this 2xp weekend so far. They’re short and sweet and all from Imp side as those are the characters I’m currently trying to speed level.
As a guildmate of mine once said, people in Tactical FPs use basic abilities and claim it's a rotation. Just today my lvl 16 Merc out-dpsed a level 40 Marauder in KDY (aswell as the other two guys). Once had a group of 2 heals 2 DPS in Korriban tactical, me being one of the healers, and easily the worst equipped person in the group. Respecced to DPS (after asking for consent) because DPS was near non-existent with fights taking all of the forevers, and boom, fights sped up a lot. Some people should try playing the darn game instead of fiddling with their dangly parts.

BTW, it's really hard not to read your name as Blue****tRecall.
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