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01.05.2013 , 07:06 PM | #1
Really should have put this in my subscription cancel box, but completely spaced. It's not really complaining, more stating of the reasoning behind my switch to prefered status.

1. Flashpoints. I'll only be allowed three a week as prefered. That's fine considering it's gotten to the point where I'm lucky to get three done due to the random crashes, mostly other players crashing that is. Flashpoints have turned into 1-2 hour ordeals always waiting for a new player to join.

2. Crew Skills. Only allowed two as prefered. Again, it's fine...since I really don't use any anyways.

3. Only "x" amount of space missions per week. Well the heroic space missions are bugged so I get...maybe 3-4 a week anyways? It's somewhere around there. Again, nearly a month since that bug happened. Feel bad for people who bought the new ship upgrades with cartel coins. It's been over three weeks since the bug was confirmed by devs and they've been silent ever since.

4. Artifact Gear. Well, if it's not bound I can't equip it anyways since the game still wants to tell me I'm free to play. Been waiting on a complete fix on that for over a month. So any of my characters still leveling are forced to wear blues/oranges.

Bottom line, just seems like with all the bugs affection me at the moment there's not much of a difference between prefered and subscriber.