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I dont really care where the stronghold is, but personally i would love Korriban. I only have 1 request/suggestion: like the statues in Yavin 4 are changed with moss and green fluff to suit the theme of the stronghold, can we plz have this on the new stronghold aswell so it fits the theme? For example if the new stronghold is on Hooth its suitable that statyes and other decos are covered with ice and frost.
I would be interesting to see if they development team were able to take a common item (statue or speeder for example) and if it were displayed in various environments .. (ie Hoth) then perhaps there would automatically have certain "affects" such as snow / frost / ice "affects" appearing on those items.

I'm not sure if that would be possible. There would have to be (from a programming stand point of view) a series of "if / then" related entries to indicate WHERE that environment was then the desired affects displayed on the item in question. PLUS if that item (such as a speeder for example) were able to fly from one location to another on a planet where different environments were available at what point would that change.

At lot of work to enhance the esthetics of a game BUT it would certainly do a LOT for the emersion in a game.

On a final note: this would be much the same added detail as the "sunlight" affects that BW added in the fleet stations / forests etc. in the latest (6.0) release.