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You can use the gear at any level and switch out the mods when you get higher. I have mod-able gear that I have had for a while and just take out the mods and replace it in that set. Yes, I know I can just use any gear and have different look . I have over 16 outfits so I know all about that. Except I tend to augment my gear and that can be expensive if I have to redo all my augments when they upgrade or I want to change one piece of gear. It winds up being cheaper for me just to rip out the mods and put them in the gear I have.
Just as Casi said. Lets take an example.

Chest piece.

They look the same, they have the same EXACT same stats.
Looted you can mod.
Crafted you can NOT mod.

What one would you pick, the looted one
The answer to that is rather simple as Casi just pointed out.

Would you waste around 500K on mod slots on a non mod chest piece NO.
There for why would I pay said item when I know I can only use it for so long and I can't change the items in it.
come new gear I need to re-slot it again for a lot of money.

I for one hardly bother with Aug now for most my char, since I know that even IF they are modded and I can rip them out I will likely swap them all out come 6.0.

Sure it is a money sink but a poor one at that, we have had non modded crafted armour for the last 8 years and look what that gotten us, nowhere.

I have NEVER crafted armour for any of my many char over the past 8 years that's non modded gear.

Since there is still no reason to once again have crafter non modded gear all that will do is leave us in the same state again, no need to buy the schematics not craft any of it once again.

Since IF we for once can craft modded end game gear if leave us all with the option how to get that said gear.
More so, then crafted gear has a reason to be used with Aug and you can keep the shells but swap out the items inside them.

That's the whole point with this, Since not all might want said stats on what BW think you should have,
You might end up want to swap a Enh or mod out but with crafted gear you can't since you can't mod it.

thus it makes it useless for both PVP and PVE at end game.

They have already said, you will be able to crafted end game gear but NOT modded, that's what like them to change.

Simply, let crafter craft top of the line end game gear that you can swap out Armour, Mod, Enh in just as you can all you LOOT.

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