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To start of with, not sure how many of you still here that was around back in 2009
Back then we did learn that BW didn't intend to add crafting what so ever to SWTOR.
Many of us me included was still playing SWG back then and I for one was a full time Master crafter back then.

We went to forums, sadly those aren't no longer here I've looked.
We told them over and over post after post that ADD crafting, in the end they did give us "crafting".
It's a FAR cry from what we once had in SWG, for those that remember it was second to none.
Yes, it was hard, extremely hard to craft in SWG if you compare to this.

In the end, they did add what we have today, better then nothing in some parts perhaps but again and again over the years they repeated the same mistakes over and over again.
Yet they are about to do it again.

Yes I did watch the live stream and been pondering about making this thread a long long time since I saw it.

The ONLY good part about crafting in that is, we will be able to craft the high end gear as you can loot in the world.
Now to the DOWN side of that coin and the fact that once more they are about to do the SAME mistake all over again.


This again is the same mistake you've done for the past 8 years.
Keith I know you wasn't around back then, but could you be so kind to make sure this don't happen again.

The main reason crafters can't sell nor have a major reason to make armour, weapons, dresses, hilts, offhands is that very reason, you can't MOD it and with that they become USELESS.

There is NO down side what so ever to allow us to craft the exact same gear that you can mod as you can loot or as a reward, most I think don't do them for the rewards as there main reason but for the FUN to do them.
I sure do, I pvp, do Ops, do Weekly and so on, partly due to the rewards but far from the main reason.

There is no down side to have us craft top end items that you can mod, since it does not hurt anyone.
You can still opt to loot it, do Ops, do Weekly if you like to, or you can opt to make it your self, or pay someone to do them for you.

It's play it your way in a part.

Look back at SWG, ALL items that was even remotely something to have was made by another player.
That system did work, we all needed each other, yes I know this ain't the same, still the concept is.

Toady for you to get the "BEST" you need others to do Ops, or you won't get it, or WB's on Ossus for that matter.
But we can't even craft close to something useful that don't need items from Ops.

Let the player choose what to do, let us crafter have a choice what to craft.
as it stands now, I craft next to nothing since I don't feel there is a need to or a reason too.
I have them all yes, but then again I have a bunch of char too, and been around since Beta in the game, Forums since 2009. so in that time I've had time to do a lot.

Why for the sake of doing something new, TEST to allow us to craft high end and I mean end game gear that you can mod with 6.0. worst case, you can always opt to remove it in a new tier update for gear if it don't work out.

But since loot drops in 6.0 will come from all and no one, let us again, craft ALL items that you can mod and at end game ratings.

I know the plan was / IS to let us craft end game NON mod gear.
Please, DO not repeat the same mistake once more.
Give us a reason to craft all items once more that we might sell.

Sincerly yours from Sweden
Cardinal / Sweden
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