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Hidden Strike provides 1 tick of Tactical Advantage. That alone is reason enough to open with it instead of Backstab. That extra tick gives you 1 more Lacerate. If you are hitting a poisoned enemy, that is one more Lacerate you get to fire that might replenish your TA and get you yet another Lacerate. Imagine the following two scenarios

Open with HS (1 TA)
Dart (1 TA)
Shiv (2 TA)
Lacerate (1 TA) (50% for CS)
Lacerate (0 TA) (50% for CS) --> Collateral Strike (1 TA)
Lacerate (0 TA)

Open with BS (0 TA)
Dart (1 TA)
Shiv (1 TA)
Lacerate (0 TA) (50% for CS)

You have to proc your CS on that first Lacerate or you miss out on the chance for two other Lacerates. That's a big damage output drop in the first few seconds of an engagement.
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