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Got two more...

Tactical Red Reaper...100% business like. Three 65s and a 61. We all go in, we all know what we are doing, Some minor miscommunications (what direction we are going), and I messed up some pulls, but no one died and no one got angry. And I even learned a few new tricks (to skip trash)

SM TfB - smooth as silk, one shot everything, only two deaths but battle revs happened quickly. Loot rules were explained at the start, everyone was amenable. Ops Leader gave good instructions, and everyone listened.

When things go well, there is not much to say

Edit: make that 3...

Again Tactical Red Reaper...Two 65s (me and another), a 21 DPS and a 42 tank. At the start the tank stated that this was their first tank and first time doing this FP. the other 65 DPS and I said thank you . We walked him through what to do. We had some trouble after the arch shortcut (no one had arch so we had to go the long way), but it was not a wipe. We taught the tank a new term: LOS = Line of Sight...they knew it as "cornering".

The tank asked how they did. we all said pretty good. The other 65 commented that they held agro well considering both 65s were overgeared and bound to pull agro from a 42. I made the comment the the biggest deal was that the newbie tank followed instructions, other 65 agreed.
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