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02.22.2016 , 08:19 PM | #28
I had a fantastic first op (outside one-boss ops like Eyeless/Xeno) last night. GF Ravagers, Begeren Colony, advertised on Fleet, with three people from the same guild, including the op leader.

The op leader explained every boss in detail, the trash was LOSed, the tanks didn't lose aggro, the healers were on point. We one-shot everything except Master and Blaster, because most of the raid was unaware of the cleave bug. They were quick to explain it and we proceeded without issue.

After the Cora fight, when one of the tanks had DC'd, and the guildies were quick to put down the one rather derpy DPS who "had done the op before" (and yet kept failing well-explained mechanics) who wanted to rush to Ruugar without waiting, because "ops shouldn't take two hours". Maybe they wouldn't if you followed instructions, buddy...

I got praised by the op leader for my performance when we finished. They already knew it was my first Rav run, but then I told them that it was also my first op, and that my guild doesn't run them, so I don't get a chance to do this kind of content--at which they invited me to join the three of them on raids.

All in all, it was a really good experience, with competent, patient people, who did a great job in leaving me wanting more.