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Actually have two stories of awesome people in GF. One a FP, the other an Op.

For the FP: Queued with a guildie, trying to get him some XP. We got Maelstrom, with a 65 Sage, a tank Guardian (don't recall level), guildie is on his 30-something Guardian, I'm on my 65 Scoundrel healer. The other guardian queued as tank, so we treat him as one. Except, he didn't know how to tank, didn't have the gear for it, and was generally not the best player overall, even with coaching. After the 3rd or 4th wipe, I whispered the other sage to apologize for this (not my place, but hey, he was doing well, and didn't want him to get discouraged). He whispered back, and we chat a bit. As it turns out, the sage was in full PVP gear, had transferred to the server a few months ago from a PVP server, and had never done PVE anything. So I'm explaining the place to him, and when it was over offered to run with him again. Long story short, he joined our guild, raids with us, and is having a ball. A great find, thanks to GF!

The OP: The other evening EV was the GF for the day. So a few guildies and I decide to get in on that for some gear for alts, and in my case, some alt leveling. So 4 of us in group from our guild, and we search for a tank and some dps. I get a whisper from a Shadow who said basically "I've never tanked before, and I've never done EV, is that ok?" Well our guild leader, who was on his Sent, also runs a Shadow tank, so I whispered him back that it would be fine, we'll teach as we go, and So-And-So can give pointers on tanking. So he comes, and brings a guildie with him. The run is smooth, a few snafus here and there, but it goes very well. We start talking to the tank and his guildie, and we're hanging out in EV around Soa's corpse chatting for a good 45 minutes afterwards. Guild leader is giving tank some tips, I give the other player some Sage healing 101 lessons, and we're chatting about the game and other MMOs. In a nutshell, made some friends that we can invite for alt runs and open spots, again thanks to GF.
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