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02.19.2016 , 11:17 PM | #24
I actually have 2

First was battle of Illum. Zone in, mention I haven't done this one in a year. The jedi guardian ( I think) I'll call him "G" was super supportive and took charge. He gave out simple instructions for the boss "Lik Boss A get adds, avoid circles etc" or "Boss B tank and spank kill adds etc" we did the bonsuses, we joked, the other teammates he gave out roles too and they listened! I was on my dps guardian, so naturally I took the adds, G would tank, and the others did their roles.

I ended up joining G's guild, and whispered we should do more content together. Side note to end a great run, I popped the req levels so I could upgrade my mods soon as I got back on fleet. Wins for all

Second was Directive 7. REALLY hadn't been here in a long time. Last time I think I wa a healer, and being a healer vs dps in FP I barely remember was incredible. Once again I'm on my now Lv. 48 dps guardian, and a very kind 65 jedi gave me clear instructions how to tackle each boss.

Cleared it all in record time, no big glaring deaths and everyone walked away with creds, gear, and no if very little repair bills.