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Yet another...but this one was slightly different (both good and bad)

So I get into a HM Hammer Station on my guardian tank and the group is already at the first boss (not a good sign, but I'm optimistic). We engage the droid and right away I can tell why the last tank either left or was kicked: the healer is not cleansing the targeted laser. I hang in there blowing every CD I have when I have them, and we get the boss down to single digit percentages and I die. I get a battle rev and we win.

So after that fight is over, I comment in group chat to the healer that he would be advised to learn how to cleanse that laser debuff. Not nasty, but firm. He responds by saying that he does not cleanse because the fight is not a challenge if he does.
My - half-joking - retort was, "So are you going to pay my repair bill?"
Another group member chatted, "lol".
The healer said, "how do you feel about getting kicked?"
My response, "GO AHEAD."
the fourth stepped in and said, "shut up <real name>." (obviously they knew each other IRL)

I do not know how long they were waiting for a tank, but I it can be inferred that it was a while and the other did not want to wait again.

The group was smooth after that. I gave the healer a challenge by never stopping after that. During another pull one of the dps died and the healer joked, "now you have to pay her repair bill."

Thank you to the group. Specifically the two DPS for forcing cooler heads to prevail
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